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Celebrate Gay Marriage With Some Louis CK Brotellectualisms

Few comics Brotellectualize as well as Louis CK. In honor of California courts opening the gates for gay marriage, take a moment to watch Louis explain why you shouldn’t hate gay people but it’s still ok if they sometimes make you laugh.


Antonin Scalia Is An Out-of-Touch Douche-Muffin

Published on June 26, 2013, by in Politics.

Today, five of the nine Supreme Court Justices voted to legitimize one tenth of our population by acknowledging the equality granted to them by law. While celebrating this long overdue step (and lamenting that we now have to go to 10% more weddings), it’s easy to forget that this is the Roberts Court, a legacy of the Bush and Reagan administrations, and that four Justices voted to keep DOMA as is. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY we

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